First Time Homebuyer Advice: Seattle


Are you taking the first steps to homeownership in Seattle? Here is some advice to help you through the process. The inventory is much more diverse than you think if you keep an open mind and compromise.

New to Seattle?

If this is your first time living in Seattle, you should rent for the first six months at a minimum. Get to know each neighborhood and decide which one suits your lifestyle the best. This is the fun part of the experience. Check out restaurants, parks, and the local nightlife. Tour some open houses around the city to get an idea of what type of homes will fit your budget. This is also a great chance to figure out your commute times. As you know, Seattle has some tricky traffic, you don’t want to add multiple hours to your workday living in an area that is just a little too far away from your workplace.

Consider South Seattle.

South Seattle neighborhoods, like Burien and Kent, are on the come up. It is a short commute to downtown Seattle and has plenty of new development. Tour the area and find out if the distance works for you, it just may save you a bundle on your monthly payments, helping you afford more home.

Hire a broker with expert knowledge of the city.

A broker is going to help you with everything from getting pre-approved to signing the closing documents. They can save a ton of wasted time and headaches with their expert knowledge of Seattle. A broker can even show you some options you may not be able to find searching the internet and various real estate apps. Remember, a realtor doesn’t get paid until the sale is final, so you won’t take a hit financially by contacting someone sooner rather than later and taking your time in the search.


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate has offices all around Seattle and the surrounding area. Our brokers have expert knowledge of the region and can find your “emerald in the rough” in the Emerald City. Visit the office closest to you and get started on your home search.